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Typical Lawn Treatment Programme

Treatment 1 (Spring)

The first visit of the new year will include a moss treatment (to help control the spread of moss), low nitrogen feed (with a slow release to keep your lawn healthy) and a weed killer (to stop early weed development of weeds). Luxury Lawns will also check your lawn for disease and pest infestation and, where necessary, apply the pesticide required.


Treatment 2 (Summer)

During Summer a second application of fertiliser will be applied, this time with a higher amount of nitrogen. Depending on the condition of your lawn Luxury lawns would also apply a wetting agent to help restore moisture in the root system. A secondary application of weed killer will be applied. Again, luxury lawns will check your lawn for any sign of disease or lawn pests.


Treatment 3 (Late Summer)

Again we will apply a controlled release fertiliser, which will keep your lawn looking that beautiful dark green colour you have always wanted. Checks will again be made for weeds, disease and pests which may be attacking your lawn – any necessary treatments will be applied.


Treatment 4 (Autumn)

Lawn winter fertiliser will be applied. This will be rich in iron and seaweed. This feed will help in the control of moss.


Treatment 5 (Late Autumn/Winter)

Luxury Lawns we will come back following treatment 4 to give your lawn a scarification which will help to eliminate any dead moss from your lawn. We will look for any sign of disease on your lawn and apply the product required.

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