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Lawn Treatments

Most of our customers opt for a treatment programme which is specifically tailored to meet their needs. Treatments can be started at any time and normally consist of approximately 4 treatments over the course of a year. In addition, some customers opt for a scarify.

A full Luxury Lawns assessment will diagnose the most appropriate action, a typical lawn treatment programme can be seen here.

Moss ControlMoss in lawn

Moss can often be a real problem in lawns and it can be a time consuming exercise to get rid of it.

Luxury Lawns would firstly apply a product to kill off the moss and harden the grass – this will also help stop the spread of moss.

Once the moss has died we will then scarify your lawn to remove as much of the dead moss as possible.

Weed Killing

Luxury Lawns can offer a range of services from applying selective weed killers to your lawn to eradicate those unsightly weeds.

Total weed killer can be applied to any area you like whether it be pathways or areas of your garden that you want to be killed of for regeneration – no job is to small.

ScarificationScarifier half way through

Scarification involves the removal of thatch build up and dead moss. This can be a labour intensive job depending on your lawns condition – it may take more than one visit to eradicate it. It is recommended that when you have the moss under control you should scarify your lawn at least once a year.

AerationHollow core aeration 2

For lawns that are badly compacted we would recommend either solid or hollow tine aeration. By doing this we will remove some of the thatch as well as helping to ease the compaction that leads to poor drainage. Most lawns will benefit from an application of topdressing (mixture of sand & soil) to help the existing soil profile.

The majority of garden lawns will not need this level of work but Luxury Lawns would be happy to discuss this option with you.

Organic Lawn Treatments

As the environment is extremely important to Luxury Lawns and many of our customers, we can now offer a full organic lawn treatment programme or one off treatments. Our fully organic range of fertilisers do not have the longevity of our traditional feeds, which would mean a visit every 4-5 weeks throughout the growing season. This would allow Luxury Lawns to see your lawn more often, which will help ensure your lawn is as healthy as it can be – with very little impact on the environment.

Growth Regulation (Less Cutting)

If you are pleased with the services you have received from Luxury Lawns we would be delighted if you recommended us to your friends, family and / or neighbours.  To show our appreciation for this for every new customer who subsequently takes us a lawn care service from Luxury Lawns you will receive a £5 of voucher.  The more you refer the more vouchers you can receive!


turf stripped back 1

Luxury Lawns can offer a full or part re-turfing service. If areas of your garden are completely worn away Donny will decide which turf will be the best for your situation. Whether you are looking to re-turf an area which has been well walked or simply a heavily shaded area we can supply and lay the best turf for your garden.


Luxury Lawns are very competitive in their pricing – with the added guarantee that a qualified green keeper will carry out the work.

Lawn treatments start from as little as £15 per treatment – usually cheaper than you could treat your lawn yourself and without the hassle.

Contact us now for more details on our pricing plans.